Weekly Wisdom #4

  1. Blaming has never solved anything and it never will. You have to be completely responsible of your own situation. When we are going through bad times or depression, then we often tend to blame someone else for our condition. This might be even true that it’s really someone else’s fault that has put you into this state. But blaming someone else is definitely not going to take out you from this suffering condition. To come out from that depressing state you have to become the Driver of your life. Once you have taken complete charge of your own life, eventually the dark clouds of depression will go away and the sun of happiness and success will shine again.

2. Having a good mind is not enough, using it well is the main thing. Many people have brilliant and gifted mind but they never succeed in life because they use it for wrong things. There are so many criminals that really have a very sharp brain but the problem is that they use it for planning and creating destruction, unrest and terror. Education of using the brain in the right direction should be taught first because once a person understand whats the right path which serves the humanity, then the brain is destined to get sharpen in the journey of goodness.

3. Once you effect a change, you should reinforce it immediately. Then, you have to condition your entire body and mind to succeed not just once, but consistently. I have discussed that first step to make a change is to realize that ‘something must change’ in Weekly Wisdom #3. Once when you have realized and discovered what must change, then you have to reinforce that change again and again. Remember doing something for only few times will never produce long term results. For long term results you have to enact that change consistently for many days until it gets align with your nervous system and becomes an inseparable part of you.

4. One of the strongest forces in human personality is the drive to preserve and protect the integrity of our own identity. Never do anything that jeopardize your soul. Don’t hang in with people who drain your mental peace. Learn to say NO to such people. Identify your identity and do things that you want to do, that makes you happy and which nourishes your soul. Famous Greek philosopher, Epictetus said “Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly”.

5. The only antidote of ego is self honesty. Where there is self honesty, there is no place for ego. You have to be raw and real with yourself. You can’t just say I am the best in everything or I suck at everything. You have to acknowledge the existence of both sides of the coin. Self honesty is accepting that I am good at these things, I am great at these things and I am terrible at these things. Self honesty will compel you to live an ego-free life and it will give you the courage and wisdom to master and improve both your strengths and weaknesses.

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41 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom #4

      1. Will go through all the blogs today evening with a cup of coffee! Happy me ๐Ÿ™‚
        Keep up your good work the same way and keep motivating all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I like point 1 and 3 so much. No matter how time changes, they will remain as universal truth.
    “Blaming has never solved anything and it never will.”
    We keep blaming others for our misfortunrs or when something goes wrong. Like take myself for example. I am on a diet right now and at the end of the day, I don’t have enough calories to have Chicken Biryani. I will order it, eat it and blame the restaurant for me missing my calories If instead, I take charge of the situation, control myself and cook food within my calorie range, the situation would have been resolved. Infact, this is what I had been doing this past week.

    “Once you effect a change, you should reinforce it immediately”
    This is so much true. In the above example, there were so many days where I feel like ordering Chicken Biryani anyways. But on the days that I was successful in controlling myself were the days where I immediately cooked food for myself. Here, I immediately reinforced the possitive change.
    The days where I failed to do so were the ones that I contemplated whether to take or not, thought over and over again. Here waited for so long to reinforce the positive change that at the end, I gave in to my urges.

    Keep on posting good work bro. Thesearegems and reading it is impacting my life in a positive way

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    1. Thank you so much Nagendra for sharing your profound experience of controlling your urges of eating chicken biryani and also sharing why you failed sometimes. I am very glad that your are now able to maintain your calorie range successfully.
      Thanks a lot for always reading my post and for your inspiring appreciation.

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    1. Yes it’s definitely hard when others throw blame on you but we have to try our best to ignore such people, it’s difficult to completely ignore….but we have to do it in order to protect our inner peace๐Ÿ˜‡. And thank you so much for considering me for the award nomination!๐Ÿ˜Š

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