Weekly Wisdom #5

  1. When you protect your purpose, your purpose protects you. When you have truly discovered your purpose in life then you have to dedicate your complete soul and mind to that purpose. You have to sacrifice things that blocks the path of your purpose. When you are laser focused on only your purpose then your purpose will itself protect and help you in every phase of your life. Paulo Coelho has beautifully stated in his legendary book The Alchemist“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” When you are truly committed to your purpose you will observe in the process how the entire universe will align itself to guide and help you to reach your purpose.

2. Morning routine is an emotional armour which is meant to protect you for the rest of the day. Many people often starts to feel tiredness, anger , frustrations as the evening approaches. The main reason is that we often forget to wear our mental armour that is our structured morning routine. A morning routine is not just any set of certain tasks, it’s a process to develop a shield around yourself that will protect you from all the challenges and stress that you have to go through your entire day and it will also strengthen your mind to face those challenges with confidence.

3. The difference between acting stupidly or brilliantly is not based on your ability, but it is based on the state of your mind and body in any given moment. A person maybe very gifted with intelligence and skills but if that person continually submerge himself or herself in negative states, he or she will never reach the level of excellence. Mentally you have to focus on what empowers you. The more mentally focus and physically active you are in a situation, the lesser will be the chances of taking any wrong step.

4. If you want to lead your field you have to become a performer and person of depth. Commit to being a highly unusual human being instead of one of those fearful souls who behave like everyone else, do things what everyone does, who find safety and comfort by mixing in the crowd. You have to keep that safety tag aside if you truly wants to dominate your field and put an impact on the lives of people. You have to take risk, you have to build the eyes of a true leader, a true innovator who sees the world and identifies what the world needs. Geniuses understand that it’s smarter to create one masterpiece than one million ordinary pieces.

5. Many people feel like they give more than they get. If you feel so then you have to remind yourself that just as there are people that you love and they don’t love back, there are people in your life that are investing in you and loving you that you have forgotten about. That person can be your parents, your brother or sister, your relative, your friend who loves and supports you always but you have taken their love and support as granted. Learn to value and respect their love and efforts they put on you and always be grateful towards them and try to return back their service with love, kindness and help.

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61 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom #5

  1. “The difference between acting stupidly or brilliantly is not based on your ability, but it is based on the state of your mind and body in any given moment. ” This comment is so true. Our state of mind and body in any given moment is what defines our actions, be it brilliant or stupid.
    Even a genius can act stupidly, if his mind was filled with too many choices that he had to make at that moment. Even though he had performed this task/act many times in his life, if he was distracted by other problems that he has at that moment of choice, he is bound to make stupid choices.
    Sometimes, one stupid choice we made will transfer to other areas.
    That’s why it is important for us to develop our state of mind, slowly and steadily, so that we gain confidence in ourselves and our ability to act correctly according to the situation.

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    1. Yes, you have very well explained how even a genius person can perform blunders if his current state of mind and body is distracted.
      Thank you Nagendra for your wonderful comment, which very well elaborates the point.


  2. The more I read and re-read your Wisdom, I am wondering if we don’t have among us a guru who came from the top of the Himalayas to save us, mortals.
    You don’t seem to be real flesh and bone person but a Soul walking or rather gliding on air. Who are you, and where this sublime wisdom comes from?


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    1. I am as much human as we all are here😊. The source of these words of wisdom are the lessons and the values that I have learned from my teachers, parents, elders, books, life experiences and my observation. 😇


    1. Thank you very much Joanna, but I don’t consider myself a genius yet but I firmly believe that we all have a genius hidden inside our brain which we have to unravel by doing hard work and good work throughout the journey of life.


  3. It is the first time that I have to disagree with you. Gita says that we are all
    “programed” differently to fulfill our destiny/aims. I think, that this ancient, spiritual wisdom, is right, otherwise how you could explain the phenomenon of people who cannot be copied or followed or bettered; like Mozart and scores of others who progressed the menkind because they could see what we couldn’t.
    I rest my case.


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    1. I think you have misinterpreted my comment on that we all have genius. I too completely believe in all the principles mentioned in the Gita as said by Lord Krishna himself.
      By genius I didn’t meant that we all are same or we are programmed same. I meant exactly what you said that is mentioned in Gita that we all have the a unique genius inside our brain and body that is required to fulfill our destiny. Some of us unravel it and some don’t. It all depends on how much we try and how much effort we put.
      Swami Vivekananda said that all the powers of the universe is inside us. It’s our job to explore and unravel it. And by power he doesn’t meant that we all have power to become like Mozart or Sachin Tendulkar but all power signifies the power necessary to fulfill our destiny which is different for all human beings.


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