Weekly Wisdom #8

  1. Dharma point of view is you can’t be anything you want but you can be everything you are. This means that we all are unique individuals, we all have the capability to perform uniquely extraordinary things and all the resources needed for that is present inside us. Swami Vivekananda said “All the powers of the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”

2. Never ever think that you know it all because ego makes us believe that we are full and when we think that we know it all, it makes us feel safe. But the reality is that in this state we are at our weakest. It develops a comfort zone around us in which growing further is impossible. Hence there is a need to reconnect back to the student mindset, no matter at which stage of life you are in because there is always so much more to learn and there is so much more to grow.

3. The life is about self and service. We cannot live either-or. We cannot serve others unless we serve and nurture our own selves. Similarly there will be no meaning of our existence if we only invest in our selves and do not contribute back to the society. Self and service must co-exist.

4. Our motion creates our emotion. Everything that we feel is the result of how we use our bodies. Create patterns of movement that create confidence, a sense of strength, flexibility and a feeling of personal power and fun. Mentally as well as physically focus and do movements that empowers you and watch miracles happen!

5. Your escalation in life requires your isolation. You can be in the world all day long chatting endlessly on your phone about thousands of senseless things or you can change the world by exploring your talent, refining your skills and being a beam of light that raises the entire mankind. But you can’t do both. So you have two scenario and the moment you firmly and wholeheartedly picked the second one, your life will start to change which will awaken the sleepy legend inside you and your success and service graph will exponentially grow.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom #8

  1. Never ever think that you know it all.
    Ego is the main reason we are stagnant. I happen to see this in action in my life many times, and am still experiencing them, even though I might not recognizer it now.
    I found this especially true regarding my weight, which I lost during lock down, but gained back last few weeks, my writing, which, after following certain techniques, I thought I know it all, went back to before I started writing and stayed there for 2 years, before my passion for writing re-ignited and I went back to using them.
    Like you said, we should reconnect back to student mindset.

    Our motion creates our emotion.
    This is so true. When I am feeling down/depressed, I would lie down in bed or spend staring at nothing in particular or toss and turn. I just have to move myself. Especially regarding to writing, during the past few days of NaNoWriMo, I feel like not writing today. I was tired and get a chance to write at the end of the day. Instead of lying in bed or staring at phone, I switched on my laptop and start writing. I am a amazed at how much I get to write, and the words sounded the next day. Though they are still mistakes in them, I felt like ky writing progress forward.
    Great post Nitesh. Your blogs weekly became main source of guidelines and inspiration to pursue my goals. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Nagendra which validates the points. I am very glad that you found that your inactive motion was the cause of not writing and then you instantly changed your state by switching on your laptop and immediately started writing which definitely had helped you to reduce the friction.
      Thank you so much for the appreciation. I am really grateful that my blog posts are helping you and inspiring you to pursue your goals.


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