Weekly Wisdom #9

1. Instead of managing your time, manage your focus. World renowned author, Zig Ziglar said “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” So accept fewer invitations, say no to friends calling you for having an online game when you have something important to do, avoid negative talks, involve in fewer leisure activities. Intensify your concentration only on what matters most. Learn the art of elimination and simplification. Eliminate things that are irrelevant and simplify things that are going to help you to achieve your targets.

2. Don’t constantly be in a rush to get on to something that you want to do because then, when you are doing what you want to do then you will be in a rush to get on a thing you have to do and this cycle never stops. Most of us are constantly in this never ending cycle. We always feel we are ahead or behind. We often feel we are never there where we actually meant to be and that is the root of all worries and sufferings of our lives. Enjoy and learn to give meaning to the things you are doing at the present moment. Don’t live your life in past or future, live your life in the present.

3. Never see phone as the first thing in the morning. Because you did not even choose what first message of the day your mind will receive. It’s certainly not a good sight because you are looking at a message or a picture or a video that you didn’t design yourself for your mind. Hence there is a high probability that your day will start with envy, hatred, jealousy, comparison, competition, fear and worry. Hence start your day with thinking about a positive quote, see a photograph of someone or something you are close to, see something that is closely related to your soul and your goal and your purpose so that your senses naturally comes alive and gets align with your goals, dreams and vision.

4. Find out what really makes you happy and fulfilled. Do not imitate someone else who is extremely successful because there are may be chances that someone is really enjoying doing a particular thing but you won’t be as happy and fulfilled what you thought to be. So try out different things and find out and do only the things that gives you the highest level of bliss.

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Featured image credit: pixabay.com

39 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom #9

  1. I agree a lot when you say that you should do what makes you happy and fulfilled and not copy someone else just because they appear successful. We are all unique and we all have different things that make us happy. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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