Weekly Wisdom #12

Sometimes answers don’t come quickly. The situation gets worse when you are going through a tough time and you don’t have the answers of your life. You don’t have the answers of the questions like- What I have to do next? Where I have to go? How I can do something to break out? In which direction I should move forward? What is the purpose of my life? Who are my real friends and who are faking around with me? How will I end the tough time that I am going through right now? When you don’t get the answers of these questions you fall into a confuse, stressful, energy sucking and stormy zone. You are not even enjoying your company and none of thing happening around makes any sense and everything seems to be so confusing. This is the TRAP zone.

Most people fell into the trap zone when everything seems uncertain and confusing. People get trap and seek to less valuable and harmful things to avoid the challenges of their life. People move towards leisure, entertainment, alcohol, partying, hanging with people who are already broke and want you to be broke as well. This is the reason why majority of people fail to achieve real success in life. At the time of crisis, instead of facing and learning from it, they ruin their life by seeking meaningless things trying to avoid going through the necessary suffering required for success.

On the other side a very few people who achieve real success in their life presses the pause button and develop a harden mindset during the time of difficulty and crisis. They say to themselves that, “Life is not going well right now but I have to hold on. I am gonna sit in this discomfort. I will not run away from it. I will face this difficult time. This is a prudent penance I am taking to know myself and listen to myself and I will find the real purpose that I have in the world. I will eventually overcome this difficult time and I will come out of it with a stronger, wiser and better version of mine.”

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom #12

  1. Another great article. I am feeling like I am in a Trap Zone in my career. I know what to do, start doing it for a day or two and things got difficult or I had focused on too many things to change at the same time, which ended up me abandoning all at once. So right now, I am focusing on following diet and exercise daily for a day, even on the days I was not feeling like it, like today morning where I wanted to do anything but exercise or during afternoon where I wanted to et that chicken biryani and drink coke. I struggled, thought of giving up, but finally, I achieved it. I stayed on my diet today and exercised in the morning.
    Your articles seemed to be aligned with what I am facing now, helping me to focus on right track.
    Keep writing.

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    1. Thank you very much Nagendra for your appreciation.
      Yes we all often fell in the trap zone but I am very glad that you realised this very soon and you started taking steps that will keep you on your right track. It’s really great to know that you achieved to manage your diet and also exercised today.


  2. Coincidentally i felt like this today, but did what you wrote at the end of your article. This happened in case of one more article of yours. It seems awesome when i get an article matching with my situation.

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    1. I am really grateful that you can relate my articles with your situations. I am very glad Nidhi that you overcame the trap zone, and you eventually did what I wrote at the conclusive part of my article.

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